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After two years of prototyping, testing, tweaking and tears, I am very proud to announce the launch of the new LED headlight upgrades for cars (most of them) which use H4 bulbs. These new bulbs achieve several world firsts: they use high CRI (Colour Resonance Imaging) LEDs only ever used previously in high-end retail lighting to make it easier to visually distinguish between different shades of the same colour and between similar but different colours, like dark green and dark blue. This reduces the stress of night driving and helps to avoid driver fatigue. Secondly, the developments discovered during the evolution of these bulbs have enabled us to give a five year warranty against either faults or premature failure. No one has ever been able to go beyond two year before, and we are delighted. These lights have been evolved to give a good beam pattern in any headlight in good condition and the colour of the light they produce is white, but with the blue bits taken out. Without in any way diminishing their brightness, they look "right" on older cars. They generate a 250% increase in light output, but reduce the load on the car electrical system by 60%. No alterations to the wiring are necessary, there are no extra boxes to find room for and they are as quick and easy to fit as a conventional bulb. The bulk outside the back of the headlight is NO greater than a halogen bulb with connector . The price is for one kit to upgrade two bulbs and does not include either VAT (if applicable) or P&P.

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