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BoatLight Unswitched BoatLight Unswitched
There are many areas in boats, caravans, planes etc. where an extra light would be useful, but there is little space, and battery power is limited. This little marvel gives as much light as a conventional 20 watt bulb but uses 0.27 watts @ 12 volts DC. It measures just 25mm x 16mm x 189mm. Supplied with 500mm of cable or terminated to suit you ( DC plug, longer cable etc. Call or email us). Has self-adhesive backing, plus 2 concealed screw fixings.  WITHOUT SWITCH.…
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BoatLight Switched BoatLight Switched
This tiny, but incredibly bright light will transform many areas in boats, caravans and planes. This one has an inbuilt switch, self-adhesive backing, two concealed screw fixings and 50mm of cable. It is 189mm long x 26mm wide and 16mm high. We can produce tailored lengths on request (£POA). SWITCHED…
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Eagle Eye 3wWhite Eagle Eye 3wWhite
This is an astonishingly useful light. It is waterproof, compact and tough. It can be used inside or out and with it's 3w Cree chip, emits as much light as a high power LED torch. Some suggested uses are as LED Daytime Running Lights, illumination for large cupboards in boats and caravans, outer, marker lights for wide vehicles and trailers etc. It comes with 500mm of sheathed twin flex. 12v DC only. This is white, but other colours will be available soon.…
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42SMD Lightboard x 2 White 42SMD Lightboard x 2 White
This 80mm square lightboard is an incredibly efficient light source. The self-adhesive backing means that it can be mounted almost anywhere and it comes with a connecting flylead and also a couple of dummy, plug-in bulb connectors as well. Use anywhere that you want the maximum amount of light. It never gets hot, uses less power than a 5 watt bulb and gives as much light as a 3 ft. fluorescent tube!    2 Off in WHITE       Only £39.99 + VAT &  P&P. …
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5mm LED and Lens wh 5mm LED and Lens wh
If you neatly drill a 6.5mm hole in any surface and push in this diffuser lens from the front and the LED from the back, you will create a miniature, professional looking floodlight that is very bright but only uses one tenth of watt at 12 volts DC. Complete with 1000mm of twin flex cable and one lens. WHITE…
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5mm LED and Lens red 5mm LED and Lens red
This is an easy-to-fit, discreet miniature light kit. Simply drill a 6.5mm hole, push in the lens, insert the led and connect to 12 volts DC and you have a really neat little floodlight. Use in multips for a superb effect. RED…
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5mm LED and Lens blue 5mm LED and Lens blue
This neat little kit works from 12v DC without the need for any extra resistors. The lens fits tightly into a 6.5mm hole, the LED pops into the back and there is 1000mm of cable to make connection easy. If you use these in multiples to illuminate cupboard interiors etc. it makes for a stunning effect. BLUE…
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501 x 10 LED 501 x 10 LED
The 501/T10 bulb is widely used in parking and interior lights. This LED replacement will not burn fingers or lenses, is brighter and whiter and will last many times as long and use 10% of the power. It is a direct replacement and shines in all directions.…
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HP W.White Bayonet bulb HP W.White Bayonet bulb
This is the high power version of our LED upgrade for the old Lucas 335 bulb, aka BA15D. If your lights use bayonet bulbs with a double contact, these will give you more light (365 lumens) generated by their 36 SMD LED's which are epoxy coated to cope with high humidity. They only use 3.5 watts and don't get hot and give a beautiful warm white light. They are engineered to cope with voltages between 10 and 30 and will last for at least 5 years (guaranteed). See also our 2.7w small version. …
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Auxiliary fusebox 8 way Auxiliary fusebox 8 way
If you are fitting extra lights or other electrical add ons, it makes sense to use an auxiliary fusebox. This well-made Italian unit has 8 blade fuse positions and enough clearance to feed cables in and out underneath where spade terminals make it easy. The cover keeps them clean and tidy and allows the use of a card or label to identify the circuits covered. …
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