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3 Watt w5w with NP 3 Watt w5w with NP
This may be the most powerful LED sidelight bulb ever created. It uses the high-tech Cree chips as used in car and bicycle LED headlights to generate an amazing amount of light. It transforms the look of any car. It also has no polarity so it will work first time every time. When some of these bulbs are in difficult to reach places, this makes all the difference. The electronics are protected by a lens which also distributes the light widely to create visibility from the side. Very effective! It is also designed with CanBus circuitry to avoid bulb failure warning lights. Email us for images of it in use in a Jaguar XK8. The price is per bulb and does not include VAT where appropriate or P & P.…
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Pair3Ww5w Pair3Ww5w
Buy these very special bulbs as a pair and enjoy spectacularly good front sidelights. The look like normal bulbs - until you turn them on. The are canbus compatible so will not bring up warning lights on almost all cars with bulb failure warning light systems. The price is for two bulbs and excludes VAT and P & P.…
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w5w9LED wedge bulb w5w9LED wedge bulb
This powerful and efficient LED bulb used high-tech 5050 LED's to create a very powerful, white light. Using 9 allows the light to travel out at 360 degrees to make maximum use of the reflective housing. The end result is quite spectacular. We have also used these in interior lights with very good results.…
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Xenon 501 Xenon 501
These bulbs offer a quick and easy way to get away from the "yellow" look of standard bulbs. The blue outer quartz glass removes the yellow from the light output, leaving a white light to match HID headlights.…
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CanBus 233 CanBus 233
If your car has this type of bayonet front sidelight and a bulb failure warning system, these LED marvels will be a straight swap and will give you a bright, white sidelight with NO WARNING LIGHTS.…
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CanBus 501 CanBus 501
The most popular front sidelight bulb is the capless 501, aka w5w, aka T10. If your car uses these and also has a bulb failure warning light system, these will be a simple swap and will give a powerful, very white light with NO WARNING LIGHTS.…
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CompactT10CanBus CompactT10CanBus
If you have a car where the space to fit in the push-fit T10 bulbs is tiny, and to make it worse, there is a bulb failure warning system that does not like LED bulbs, then this could be the answer. This ultra compact LED bulb uses a high-tec Cree chip LED to create an improbable amount of very white, light, plus it is really tiny, plus it will work either way around, plus it has all of the inbuilt electronics to stop warning lights. A real step forward.…
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501 x 10 LED 501 x 10 LED
If your car uses a T10/501 capless bulb as a front sidelight, this will transform the appearance. It uses 10 SMD LED's to spread a powerful white light in all directions to make best use of reflective lenses. It uses less than 10% of the power and lasts many times as long as a conventional bulb.…
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233 High power COB LED bulb 233 High power COB LED bulb
This 9mm bayonet bulb (aka BA9S) is extremely compact, but surprisingly bright. It uses a 16 point COB LED light source to outshine a standard bulb many times over but uses only 0.6 watts (at 12v DC). It can go anywhere that takes a 9mm bayonet fitting and is guaranteed for two years. Neg earth only. …
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233 9mm Bayonet high power LED bulb 233 9mm Bayonet high power LED bulb
This is an extremely powerful 9mm 233 (aka BA9S) LED bulb. It uses the latest high-tech COB LED technology to be many times brighter than a conventional bulb but still only uses 1.6 watts at 12v DC. It is bright enough to use as a daytime running lights when fitted in the headlight ( pilot light). …
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