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233 LED pygmy bulb Neg 233 LED pygmy bulb Neg
Sometimes there is a need for a much brighter light but very little space even for the original filament bulb. These pygmy bulbs have been developed to overcome that problem. They are very bright, run cool and are even more space-efficient than the bulbs they replace. The price is per bulb and does not include P&P or VAT if applicable.…
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501 LED pygmy bulb 501 LED pygmy bulb
If your classic car has door guard lights, you will quickly see the point of these bulbs. They are very bright but extremely compact and will fit into the tightest of spaces. They can solve many space issues with lighting upgrades as LED bulbs are generally more bulky than traditional filament bulbs.…
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ToggleSwitchRearFoglightKit ToggleSwitchRearFoglightKit
If your classic car is from the 1960's it may not have rear foglights. In our densely-packed roads, this can be a cause for real concern if you find yourself driving in conditions of poor visibility, especially if you are the "Tail-end Charlie" when the traffic comes to a halt. This comprehensive kit contains two small, low-profile LED units designed to replace normal number plate fixings, but they are neat enough to be mounted wherever it suit you. The switch is a toggle-type, as many Jaguars and other cars used in the era. It's tip conceals a powerful red LED which lights up when the switch is turned on. The new number plate fixing are red and powerful enough to be seen from a distance in even quite thick fog. All of the fixings, wire, mounting etc that you may need are in the kit and we are available with tech support if needed, although this kit is very easy to fit. The price is for one toggle switch, low-profile rear foglight kit and does not include P & P or VAT if applic…
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Toggle Switch Hazard Kit for 60's Cars Toggle Switch Hazard Kit for 60's Cars
If your classic car is from the 1960's it is likely to have toggle switches on the dash. We now can offer a hazard warning light kit designed to blend in with your car. It has a toggle switch which lights up brightly on the tip when turned on. The switch comes mounted on a neat black-crackle finished mounting bracket, but could be fitted to your dash or console if there is a space. It has a period-style name tag to make it quicker to find it in an emergency. The kit will work with either LED or standard bulbs and with negative earth or positive earth systems and the 4 connections are all tagged and named to make your life easier. Fitting generally takes less than one hour. See also the kit for 40's/50's push-pull switch kit, and the rocker switch based kit for 70's onwards cars. The price is for one full hazard warning light kit and does not include P & P or VAT if applicable.…
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10mm Warm White Interior Light 10mm Warm White Interior Light
Many older cars have interiors spoiled by poor lighting and dark shadowy areas, often even in daytime. With LED technology, adding light is easy but most simply don't look right. This little kit used a large diameter, domed LED which emits a very warm white, plus a mounting collar and a tiny and neat switch. It really looks like a period piece but it doesn't get hot or use lots of power. Use it anywhere that extra light would improve the appearance and comfort. The price includes everything you need to fit the light, including connectors, and the price is for one kit. It does not include VAT if applicable or P&P.…
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