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If your classic car is from the 1960's it may not have rear foglights. In our densely-packed roads, this can be a cause for real concern if you find yourself driving in conditions of poor visibility, especially if you are the "Tail-end Charlie" when the traffic comes to a halt. This comprehensive kit contains two small, low-profile LED units designed to replace normal number plate fixings, but they are neat enough to be mounted wherever it suit you. The switch is a toggle-type, as many Jaguars and other cars used in the era. It's tip conceals a powerful red LED which lights up when the switch is turned on. The new number plate fixing are red and powerful enough to be seen from a distance in even quite thick fog. All of the fixings, wire, mounting etc that you may need are in the kit and we are available with tech support if needed, although this kit is very easy to fit. The price is for one toggle switch, low-profile rear foglight kit and does not include P & P or VAT if applicable.

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