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Stag Full HP Flasher & Hazard Kit

Stag Full HP Flasher & Hazard Kit

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This kit has been developed with help from one of Europe's formost Triumph Stag specialists (Thank you Kevin & Dan). It provides the Triumph Stag with extremely bright flashing indicators front and rear and in the wing repeaters. The bulbs are LED,so they use very little power and run cool, and they are orange, so they dont turn lenses a pastel shade, and they are new high power bulbs, so they are very, very bright and sharp, with their instant on/off. It includes a new electronic relay for the flashers and also one for the hazard warning light system. Because electronic relays have no moving parts they are silent. Because nobody (normal) loves the sound of buzzers, there is a loud sounder to put back the traditional flasher noise. Because the wiring on Stags has it's own special quirks, there is a special resistor to remove the tendency for the harness to store a little of the energy, which can cause bulbs to glow when they have been turned off, and thanks to Kevin and Dan, we know this resistor cures that annoyance. This kit is very complete and fully tested and extremely effective and costs 129.99+VAT which represents a significant saving compared to buying individual parts. The price is for one complete kit with fitting instructions and does not include VAT, where appropriate, or P & P. N.B Federal kits for the USA, Canada, Alaska etc. require a dual colour orange/white bulb for the front instead of the conventional flasher bulbs and this adds a cost of 20 to the kit.

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