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Termination service

Termination service

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When you order small LED strip lights they will come with the end neatly terminated with a cable attached and a glue-filled, waterproof heat shrink applied to preserve the integrity of the soldered joints. If you want to order specific lengths of LED strip lighting, we can terminate it in the same way to save you time, trouble and spoilt strip. The price quoted includes 1 metre of twin cable. Extra length is available for £4 + VAT per metre just by emailing us with your requirements and giving us a contact number to take payment. Our strip is IP65 waterproof, our termination is waterproof and we have all of the equipment to do it properly and to save you time and temper. See also our tailoring service, where we can make several strips with a small length of thin wire and a plug and socket between each one, allowing you to cope with more complicated jobs and only one power supply unit.

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