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3 Way lever arm conn 3 Way lever arm conn
These compact and clever connectors allow you to quickly and easily connect  several LED lights to one power source. You will need at least one for neg and one for pos. Just lift the lever, insert the wire end and press the lever down. Connection made. Not waterproof.…
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SlimLight Extr Silver SlimLight Extr Silver
LED strip lighting can be used to great effect under worktops, under staircase tread nosings etc. but is highly vulnerable and hard to apply permanently in both cases, and many more. We designed this extrusion (available in satin silver or satin black) to overcome the problem. It gives a perfect surface for the self-adhesive LED strip to bond to. The extrusion can then be applied (using pins, screws or the standard self-adhesive backing) to the surface in question. The shape directs the light away from the eyes and protects the strip at the same time. Priced per 1 metre, but email us for made to measure, as we have specialised cutting equipment at our factory. SILVER…
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SlimLight Extr Black SlimLight Extr Black
This specially-designed extrusion will allow you to use LED strip lighting without having it fall off, get damaged, or creating both glare and a "dotty" look. It is available in either satin silver of satin black and lengths up to 3M long. Priced by the metre here, but email us for made to measure or long lengths. BLACK…
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LED Housings General LED Housings General
To create effects like this without giving yourself a maintenance problem, please see our SlimLight extrusion above and our range of LED strip lighting. We can provide advice, a range of LED strip housings, connectors, power supply units and more. Email or call us for free advice or just for a chat about LED lighting.…
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TrimLight Housing TrimLight Housing
The TrimLight housing is designed to give you maximum flexibility to use LED strip lighting. It's shape gives you 3 different internal surfaces to choose from for the light source, and 3 external sources to choose from to mount the housing. This means that TrimLight can fit neatly into the space where a cupboard top meets the wall to create an uplighter, or behind an under-cupboard pelmet to create beautiful, concealed (and protected) lighting. The "flat-top pyramid" shape means cable can be neatly concealed along it's length. There are separate, high-density foam end-stops available to close off the ends. Price includes snap-in lens, but not end stops. Priced by the metre, but available in lengths up to 2 metres. Call us or email us for made to measure lengths as we have specialised cutting equipment.…
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TrimLight End Stops TrimLight End Stops
These high-density foam units are designed to perfectly seal each end of the TrimLight extrusion to keep out spiders, water etc from your light units. Per PAIR.…
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LightBar Extrusion LightBar Extrusion
Use this 2 piece, specialist housing to turn LED strip lighting into neat, professional, light fittings. Simply cut the clear, outer lens, and self-adhesive backing to the exact length to suit the application, fit in the LED strip lighting, apply the end caps ( priced separately) and put into place to create a tailored appearance. Priced by the metre and available up to 2M long, or cut to length ( email or call us). PER METRE…
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LightBar End Stops LightBar End Stops
Use these end stops to neatly seal both ends of the LightBar housing .This will keep out spiders, dust etc. and give a neat, professional finish to your job. Priced EACH.…
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Single pole 20mm switch Single pole 20mm switch
These switches provide an exceptionally neat way of operating LED lighting. They will handle up to10 amps at 12 volts DC, which equates to 120 watts, which is a lot of light from LED's. They flush-fit into a 20mm hole and you can buy a custom hole cutter from us too. They need 25mm of depth allowing for connections at the back. EACH…
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Eagle Eye 3wWhite Eagle Eye 3wWhite
This is an astonishingly power LED light. It uses a 3 watt Cree chip LED to produce as much light as some headlights. It is very compact, (23mm dia., 29mm long), tough, and waterproof and comes with 500mm of sheathed twin flex. They cost £9. 90 each and are guaranteed for 2 years. This is white, but there will be other light colours soon. Use it outside as a marker light for trailers or wide vehicles, daytime running lights, illumination for cupboards etc The number of uses is limited only by your imagination. There are discounts for volume orders. Call us.…
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