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Ultra-flexible 36cm LED strip Ultra-flexible 36cm LED strip
This daylight white LED strip light is encased in silicon rubber and houses 36 powerful 5mm LED's. It can be cut every 3 LED's and will allow you to create interesting, beautiful and effective displays or illumination in places where conventional LED strips would not work. Complete with 1M of cable. 12v DC.…
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Flexible 36CM LED Strip x 2 Flexible 36CM LED Strip x 2
Buy a pair of these ultra-flexible and very bright 12v LED strips and save on cost and postage. They are very bright, very flexible and guaranteed for 2 years ( excluding abuse). They can be used inside or outside and their use is only limited by your imagination. 2 x 36cm Ultra-flexible white LED strips.…
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RGB Touch Controller RGB Touch Controller
This is a very sophisticated way to control your RGB multi-colour strip lighting. The slim RF remote control has a range of up to 20 metres and allows you to set the mode of colour change, the speed of the change and the brightness The rotary control will allow you to "dial up" a colour instead and still allow you to control the brightness. You can use this to control up to 5 metres of very powerful LED strip ( 60 x 5050 SMD LED's per metre) or more of the less powerful strips. Work out the length and load of your lighting installation and then choose a power supply unit to suit. Call us for free advice if in doubt. £39. 90 + VAT & P & P.  …
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RGB High Power Strip Lighting RGB High Power Strip Lighting
This is the ultimate multi-colour RGB strip lighting, and will allow you to create bold or subtle effects. One of our controllers will let you choose the colour you want and change it whenever you want, or to select from a variety of colour-changing effects. If you draw out your requirement, we can supply this in the correct sizes and ready to easily connect to the controller. This is important because unlike ordinary, single colour strip lighting, there are 5 extremely fine wire connections. We have the equipment to make it easy for you to fit. It is most unlikely that the ideal layout can be achieved on most jobs with a single length, so our service can make a big difference. Buy it by the metre, or ask us to tailor it for you for a perfect and easy fit. See also our complete 5 metre reel and controller package. Price quoted is per metre. Remember, if you use a high power strip and the right controller you can turn down the brightness. If you use a strip that is not bright enough, th…
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RGB High Power Kit RGB High Power Kit
This kit comprises 5 metres of 60 SMD LED's per metre high power RGB strip light ( waterproof, with 3M self-adhesive backing), a digital controller with RF remote control and an appropriate 240v to 12vDC power suppy unit. You can select a colour and change it as you wish or set it to change in sequence and control the speed of the change. Everything you need to impress the wife and the neighbours!…
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Termination service Termination service
When you order small LED strip lights they will come with the end neatly terminated with a cable attached and a glue-filled, waterproof heat shrink applied to preserve the integrity of the soldered joints. If you want to order specific lengths of LED strip lighting, we can terminate it in the same way to save you time, trouble and spoilt strip. The price quoted includes 1 metre of twin cable. Extra length is available for £4 + VAT per metre just by emailing us with your requirements and giving us a contact number to take payment. Our strip is IP65 waterproof, our termination is waterproof and we have all of the equipment to do it properly and to save you time and temper. See also our tailoring service, where we can make several strips with a small length of thin wire and a plug and socket between each one, allowing you to cope with more complicated jobs and only one power supply unit. …
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Cool white 3528 30/M IP65 Cool white 3528 30/M IP65
This LED strip is great value for money at only £3. 00 + VAT per metre. It is IP65 waterproof, so is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and it's ultra save low voltage ( 12v) means it can be used on most vehicles and anywhere in the home. It only uses 2 watts of power per metre, so will not keep the meter spinning or kill batteries. We can terminate it to your chosed length and provide you with several lenghts that plug together and use one power source. Just email us with a contact number and convenient contact times for a quote. ONE METRE…
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3528/60LED's/M-1Mtr 3528/60LED's/M-1Mtr
This is the more powerful of the slim, waterproof, self-adhesive LED strip lighting, but it still draws only 4 watts (at 12v DC) per metre. We will cut it to any length you want and terminate the end carefully with 1 metre of cable unless you tell us differently. The price is per metre. DAYLIGHT WHITE .…
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5050-60L/M Daylight 5050-60L/M Daylight
This is the one to use when you need maximum illumination. These large, 5050 SMD Epistar chips create an incredible amount of light but only draw 14.4 watts per metre at 12v DC. It uses 3M self-adhesive tape for easy fitting, and we have a full range of extrusions and housing to allow you to create subtle, professional effects. One metre of this strip creates as much light as a one metre fluorescent tube and it is waterproof to IP65 which means the LED's are protected from minor impact and the surface will wipe clean. The price is for 1 metre with short length  of cable attached, but we will make any length you want and attach any length of cable, if it makes your job easier/better. PRICE PER METRE DAYLIGHT WHITE.…
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150 RBB Full Kit 150 RBB Full Kit
This is a complete 5 Metre colour-changing RGB LED kit, which includes everything you need to make a sensational lighting display. The LED strip uses 3 chip 5050 surface-mount LED's, not inferior tiny ones, and they are protected by a waterproof epoxy layer for easy, wipe-clean, long term maintenance. There is also a neat remote control and a suitable power supply unit ( 240v AC in, 12v DC out). The strip and the controller are already terminated with a plug/socket, the connector from the controller to the power supply is included, and the strip has 3M self-adhesive backing. Apart from a screwdriver and a 13A plug, you do not need  a single thing to install this sensational system . You can shorten the strip, if required, at the clearly marked points every 3 LED's and we can supply extra controllers and remote controls if you need them. Fully guaranteed for 3 years.…
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