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Sticky Pad Sticky Pad
Whether you use this useful, high-friction pad on the dashtop or in a glovebox or door pocket, it will stop the annoying habit of keys etc. from relocating noisily as you drive around. Their original purpose was to keep mobile phones in position on a dashtop, but now that we all have hands-fee kits, I use mine to stop the normal rattling made by small objects in the glovebox and door pockets from being an annoying distraction. Price £3.99 (+ VAT & P & P).…
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10mm 12V LED white 10mm 12V LED white
This large LED fits tightly into a 10mm hole and can be used anywhere you want a neat, bright light. It uses a tiny amount of current (half a watt) but will illuminate a small cupboard. Use in multiples for greatest effect. It has resistors fitted to allow it to work directly from 12v DC. WHITE…
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