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If you have been adversely affected by the chaos, confusion and lack of contact brought on by my premises move, I apologise. I am now in the spacious new premises and will be gradually getting things back to normal and trying to build up to a good level of service again. It will not be instant as I made the fatal mistake of not closing completely in the week before the move, so my careful packing and labelling had to be abandoned and the moving company kindly finished my packing, but not knowing what was what, everything was crammed into very large unlabelled boxes. I have just received a large delivery of new racking and the remaining unpacked boxes will have (in time) somewhere to neatly shed their contents.

I still do not have fully functioning IT or telephone sytems or workbench facilities, but I am trying to fit all of this in between giving tech support and fulfilling orders.

Please bear with me for a little while. It will get there at some point and will eventually be better than ever with room to organise things in a more logical way than the one I had become so familiar with.

Should you have an inquiry regarding a bespoke automotive lighting upgrade  please contact us on :-


or call us on 0121 773 7000 - If you can't get us on the landline (sometimes we have complicated enquiries), please send  an email and we will get back to you.

Some of you will have read about a certain amount of controversy regarding the use of LED lighting upgrades on classic cars. Regulations which were written decades ago struggle to cope with modern developments and there will always be some beurocrat who believes that his interpretation of them is the only version and that he knows better than us. If, like me you believe that common sense should trump rediculous rulings, then please stand up for your beliefs and shout loudly that in order to keep classic cars alive and not exhibits in a museum, they need to be made safe to use in modern traffic conditions. This means making them more visible and capable of driving with lights on and not running out of battery power. I have been designing and developing my lighting improvements for over 15 years and supply them to customers in 36 countries. I am not intimately familiar with all of the regulations in all of the countries, so I have to rely on customers doing their own research. It seems that in the UK I have to tell you that my safer, brighter and more efficient lighting upgrades are officially only for offroad use.  I rely on your common sense and wisdom beyond that. I have always given a money-back guarantee with all of my products and will continue to do so. If anyone who has already upgraded his car feels that he wants to go back to his previous candle power, this applies equally to them.
I hope you will get time to browse through the areas of the website that seem most appropriate to you and that you find items which are interesting and hopefully, useful. There will be a lot of new items coming out during the coming year, most of them as a direct result of requests or suggestions from customers. So, if you cannot find what you are looking for, email me or give me a ring. Yours could be the catalyst that brings about an entirely new product.

Owners of Jaguar models XK120, 140 and 150 will find themselves especially well catered-for during the coming months as a range of products developed with the help of both customers and restorers become available. I hope to prove that we can use the latest electronics to make these special cars safe and viable for use on modern roads without spoiling their character.

Owners and restorers of cars from the 1940's and 1950's will also find that a range of products developed to overcome shortcomings of the original lighting systems become available. These have been developed with a lot of help and advice from many restorers and owners, but a special vote of thanks goes to the ever-patient and knowledgable Bernard Hill. The many beautiful Bentleys in his care are now brighter and safer with nothing outside of the original lights to give the game away.

To those of you who have both supported me and given me invaluable feedback, please don't stop. What I do would simply not be possible without you.

Gil Keane.


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